EL MIRADOR - Guatemala

10,00 - 32,00

ORIGIN: Guatemala
REGION: San Marcos
ALTITUDE: 1.600 m.
SIEVE: 15 / 18
VARIETY: Bourbon, Catuaí
PRODUCER: Karla Coto
FARM: El Mirador

PROFILE: Fruity     SCA SCORE: 84,25

TASTE NOTES: Red apple, peach, lime, grapefruit, honey and chocolate.

TRACEABILITY: El Mirador It is a small farm located in a small town called San Pedro Yepocapa. Karla Coto, who has been in the coffee industry for many years with her husband Stuart (producer of our old natural Guatemala lot, Los Conejos) who leads the team of agronomists at Panorama, is the one who has been at mando from the El Mirador farm. Through the methods of care, fertilization and selection of varieties, it has been possible to improve the quality of the cup and increase its production.


CONCLUSION: Very clean and fresh coffee, suitable for everyone. Among its fruity profile, notes of sweet corn also stand out. If what you are looking for is a balanced and light coffee, this will be your coffee.